Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: Bath and Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream


PROS:  Beautiful scents, wide selection of fragrances, nourishes skin, leaves skin incredibly smooth, scent lasts for a long time, eliminates dry skin problems, great consistency (not runny, not too thick), adorable packaging, comparatively inexpensive

CONS:  Slight greasy feeling if too much is used (because this is a user error, it does not count against the overall rating)

I'm going to start this post off with something that might shock you:  My skin is not perfect.

I know, really.

Especially during the winter months, I tend to suffer from extremely dry, itchy skin, particularly on my legs and arms.  I also have a mild form of eczema on my hands, which, as anyone who has ever had eczema problems knows, can be extremely irritating.  I've tried almost every kind of intensive moisture lotion out there, but none of them seemed to have any effect against the patches of red, dry, flaky skin that plagued me and made me uncomfortable all the time.

My mother, however, always has incredibly smooth, soft skin.  I have never once heard her complain of any kind of dry skin problems, which of course, inspired a bit of jealousy and frustration.  I kept asking her what products she was using that made her skin so soft and problem-free, and she kept giving me the same answer:  "It's just my Bath and Body Works lotion."

Well, that didn't help me at all.  I'd tried Bath and Body Works' lotions before, and they didn't do anything for me.  Sure, they smelled great, but they left me feeling like I had a layer of grease all over my body, and my skin was just as dry and itchy the next day.  I finally asked her to show me what she was using, and what she handed to me wasn't quite what I was expecting.  Instead of the chunky, hourglass-shaped bottle I associated with Bath and Body Works, she handed me a long tube with the cap down at the bottom.  She let me use it, and immediately, I realized that this wasn't the same as what I'd been using from Bath and Body Works.

Right away, my skin was noticeably softer and smoother.  The product absorbed quickly into my skin without too much fussing and rubbing it in.  I put it on right after I showered (which was, and usually is at night), went to bed, and when I woke up, my skin felt so hydrated and smooth.  I also wasn't itching for the first time in quite a while.

One of the most surprising benefits of using this body cream for me is the effect it has had on my eczema.  Since I've started using this body cream, I have noticed a significant decrease in the eczema breakouts on my hands.  I have tried all kinds of different medicated creams and over-the-counter lotions, but none of them have hydrated my hands as much as this does.  I still have a few small spots, but it is noticeably better.

The scent was obviously fantastic (anyone who has ever shopped at Bath and Body Works knows the joy of just walking into the store and inhaling), and I still smelled good when I woke up after using it the previous night.  It definitely started to make sense to me why my mom always gets complimented on how good she smells.

These creams come in all of Bath and Body Works' signature scents, which means that you're almost guaranteed to find one that smells wonderful to you and that you will enjoy having on.  If you aren't too familiar with Bath and Body Works, here are three different scents that I personally love and would highly recommend:

Forever Sunshine (pictured above):  A nice, fresh mix of citrus, peony flower, pralines, and sandalwood.  It smells bright and fun, sweet, and summery.

Be Enchanted
(left):  A slightly more wintery scent, with sugared pomegranate and frosty florals.  It reminds me of a fairytale setting, and is a little mysterious but still very sweet.

Rio Rumberry (right):  A fun, tropical scent made up of exotic berries and vanilla.  It makes me think of a tropical vacation, and has a great, warm, summery smell.

Right now I have all of these, and I alternate between them depending on my mood.  Bath and Body Works carries a ton of fragrances that cater to both younger and more mature consumers, so if you don't want to smell like a teen girl, there are scents that are more sophisticated, and if you don't want to smell like an old lady, there are scents that are more playful and fun.  There are also plenty of "in between" scents that work well for everyone.

A lot of people worry about the fact that these are scented, and therefore whether or not they will irritate their skin.  As a person with sensitive skin who breaks out in a horrible rash if I use anything but clinical sensitive skin deodorant, these don't bother my skin at all.

This is a wonderful product that isn't talked about very much, because Bath and Body Works sometimes gets the reputation of being more of a novelty store.  Honestly, the Body Creams did wonders for my skin, and I'd recommend them to absolutely anyone who is looking to improve their dry skin and smell phenomenal while doing so.

The Triple Moisture Body Creams retail at Bath and Body works for about $12 each, although there is almost always some kind of "Buy 2, get 1 free" deal going on.  You can get them at any Bath and Body Works store, or online at www.bathandbodyworks.com.

How has your skin improved since you've been using the Triple Moisture Body Cream?  Which scents are your favorite?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I also have eczema on my hands and have extremely dry skin year round. I got the triple moisture as a gift from a friend and thought I wouldn't be Able to use it because it is scented, but I used it nonetheless because I loved the scent (sea island cotton!). It is the only thing since a prescribed topical steroid lotion that and Vaseline(which I can't stand) that has worked wonders on my eczema :)

    1. Isn't that amazing? I was so pleasantly surprised by the effect it had of my eczema! I'm so glad you had the same experience!

  2. I purchase "be enchanted" from website.And I wonder about colour of product is yellow. Can you explian about the colour for me, please?

  3. Thanks for this info. Because of this article I invested in some triple moisture creams from BBW and I am very happy I did. I also have suffered from super dry tight itchy skin and felt like I always had to have something medicinal that was neither luxurious nor scented nicely. What a pleasure to find I can enjoy the fragrances of the triple moisture creams and also take care of my skin. I also discovered Carol's Daughter products and I love to layer the BBW creams over the Almond Cookie Shea soufflé. My favorite from BBW is Black Raspberry Vanilla. I also enjoy Country Chic, Mad about You and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Country Chic is something like Nina from Nina Ricci.