Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look: Golden Gradient with the Naked Palette

I'm still having a total blast playing around with my Naked Palette, and today I'm back with a look that I created the other day.  This is a pretty, subtle look which creates an ombre effect that will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.  It looks natural so it's perfect for everyday wear, and it's extremely easy and quick to do!

Golden Gradient

  1. Prime the eyelid with an eyeshadow primer, liquid foundation, or concealer.
  2. With a flat/c-shaped eyeshadow brush, apply Smog to the outer half of the lid.
  3. With the same brush, apply Half-Baked to the inner half of the lid.
  4. With the same brush, apply Darkhorse lightly to the outer corner of the lid.
  5. With the same brush, apply Virgin to the inner corner of the lid.
  6. With a domed/fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply Naked to the brow bone.
  7. With the same brush in step 6, apply Virgin just under the eyebrow.
  8. Starting about 2/3 of the way in on your eyelid, thinly line your upper lash line with a black liner, thickening the line just slightly at the outer corner of the lid (I used Maybelline Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner).
  9. With the same liner (or a pencil, if you prefer), line your waterline.
  10. Apply mascara (I used Covergirl's Lashblast Fusion), and you're finished!
That's all there is to it!  Since this is such a natural look, you can pair this eye with a slightly more colorful lip.  I've found that it looks beautiful with my NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Rivington Rose, which is a medium pink shade.

Feel free to share how this look works for you in the comments!  


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    1. Thanks! This was a fun look to create. If you try it out for yourself, let me know how it goes! :)