Friday, January 4, 2013

Today's Nails: "Toad-Ally Amazing" from Spoiled by Wet n Wild

Hopefully you'll be able to look past my dry hands and stumpy nails to get a glimpse of this color.  It's one of my new favorites, and it's only a $2 polish!  I reviewed the texture and consistency of the Spoiled line here, so be sure to check that out as well.  "Toad-Ally Amazing" is a light teal with a hint of shimmer.  I personally think that it is more blue-toned than green, which I like, but it's definitely a true teal!  The shimmer is just barely noticeable, but gives the polish a nice, dynamic look.  I also happen to love how it almost matches my blog theme!  I'm obviously a lover of teal, and this polish is perfect for me.

Have you tried "Toad-Ally Amazing" or other polishes from the Spoiled collection?  Let me know in the comments!