Sunday, October 20, 2013

Review: BA STAR Holiday Red Lip Pencil



PROS:  Incredibly easy to apply, beautiful bright red color, silky matte finish, EXTREMELY long-wearing, feels like nothing's there!

CONS:  Color will transfer slightly to other objects (e.g. cups, skin, clothing), but this will not reduce the color intensity on the lips themselves

WHERE TO BUY: BA STAR  (use code BBLIPS for a special 50% discount!)

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to my new go-to red for the stage.

As an actor, there is almost nothing that can be more frustrating than stage makeup.  If you don't get it exactly right, it won't look good under the lights, will come off when you sweat, will break out your skin, etc.  Lip color is especially hard.  With so much talking onstage and water breaks backstage, I have never found a lip color that lasts.  I've been through drugstore brands, high end brands, and brands made specifically for the stage (I'm looking at you, Ben Nye), and no lip color has worked... Until now.

BA STAR is a brand that was created specifically for dancers, cheerleaders, and performers.  Their colors are bright and bold and sure to last, and this Holiday Red lip pencil is no exception!  It is a beautiful true red with slightly blue undertones, making it perfect for many skin tones.  The best thing about this lip pencil, though, is that it isn't just for the stage... It looks beautiful on, and you can guarantee that I'll be wearing it out!

Here's what makes this lip product so unique.  The application is precise and easy due to its pencil shape, and you can line and fill in your lips with the same product.  The real treat, however, comes in this lip pencil's sheer staying power.  While wearing this product, I ate, drank, took a nap, talked on the phone, and more.  The color didn't budge during any of these activities.  It was still just as bright and vibrant after having dinner and a glass of water as it was when I put it on.   The lip color is also tasteless, unlike some of those other icky lipsticks that taste waxy or fake.  I k
now this because in an attempt to prove that NO lip color could possibly last this long, I licked my lips furiously.  The results:  no taste, no reduction in color.  This stuff has some serious staying power.  Plus, it has a nice matte finish that you can shine up easily with a little lip gloss if you'd like, or leave as is.  You can't even feel it on your lips and will forget it's there... But other people certainly won't!

The BA STAR pencil is incredible, and I highly recommend it if you are an actor, dancer, cheerleader, other type of performer, or just someone who is sick of lip color that doesn't last.   You can usually buy this pencil for $8.75 at, but BA STAR is giving out a special discount for beauty bloggers and their readers for 50% off!  Use the code BBLIPS to get your lip pencil today!  This one's a MUST HAVE!

Have any of you ever used BA STAR cosmetics before?  Do you plan to?  Let me know in the comments!

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